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Roemheld invests in new manufacturing plant

Roemheld invests in new manufacturing plant

Roemheld Group is expanding its Stark zero point production capabilities through the construction of a new 3,140m2 plant in Germany. Located in Rankweilo/Voralberg, this new company building will improve Roemheld Group’s efficiency in production and assembly and will include a dedicated apprentice workshop.

In order to keep pace with anticipated growth in the future, the spacious premises have been designed to accommodate sixty employees and offer expanded production capacity. The increased space will enable Roemheld Group to invest in new equipment and a turn-mill centre, a CNC grinding machine and a 5-axis machining centre are already planned. The building will be located on an ecologically sustainable industrial estate where heating and cooling will be supplied using underground storage tanks and there will be large areas of open spaces with native wild flowers and shrubs. The new building is expected to be finished in the spring of 2017.