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Roemheld to launch hydraulic, electric and magnetic innovations at Euroblech


Roemheld will be launching a new generation of hydraulic clamps, electro-mechanical clamping elements and the latest in magnetic clamping technology at EuroBLECH 2014.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see the next generation of compact yet highly versatile, hydraulically operated wedge clamps. These incorporate a flexible clamping edge, that increases versatility for use with use with dies with clamping edges between 20mm and 50mm, and a connection diagram. These compact, hydraulic clamps can offer clamping forces up to 100 KN.

For die clamping without oil, Roemheld is launching an electro-mechanical variant of the wedge clamps at the show. These offer a retention force of 120 kN. Just like the hydraulically operated components, they are double-acting and consist of a block cylinder with a piston guided in the housing that is optionally equipped with an inclined or a straight edge. The clamps extend and clamp the die in a self-locking and safe way in the desired position, even in the event of a potential power failure. Inductive monitoring also enables the position of the clamping bolt to be additionally controlled.

Also on display at the show will be the latest M-TECS electro-magnetic quick-clamping plates. The new product range combines the advantages the high force concentration of long poles and the cost-effective design of square poles. Dies and moulds need no longer be standardised for use on machines, because magnetic clamping plates allow quick, safe and precise clamping of almost all sizes, geometries and weights. These new rapid clamping systems are suitable for operating temperatures up to 240° C and can be installed or retrofitted in nearly all presses. Also new is a sensor monitoring system for remote machine monitoring and maintenance. This control meets the highest safety requirements for the relevant signals such as power supply, emergency stop and the performance levels "d" and "e" of the press norms EN201 and EN289.

To find out more about Roemheld’s range of clamping and workholding solutions, visit www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.