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Roemheld introduces flexible clamping from zero

Roemheld introduces flexible clamping from zero
Component accurately positioned with floating location

Roemheld has developed a new zero point flexible position clamping element that offers clamping and support – all in a single element.

This new addition to the Roemheld workholding range offers the ideal solution for situations where mounting has to be adapted to suit the workpiece. The distortion of workpieces can be a problem for thin-walled parts and direct workpiece clamping, but the Roemheld flexible position clamping element combines the distortion-free benefits of 3-point support clamping with the stability of multiple support points.

Firstly, the clamping force is applied to all clamping elements up to 20kN. Three support points are fixed and pulled onto the supports during clamping. At the same time, the flexible position clamping element is also moved into element at the fourth point and every further point. The flexible position element is then clamped into position. The clamping force achieved depends on hydraulic pressure.

A retractable nipple with equaliser solves the contradiction of stable mounting and the necessary movement and can be used wherever large thermal expansion is expected. It means that, independent of the size of the pallet, there is always a fixed zero point during machining.

A booster for use with single-acting mounting systems ensures pallets can be changed quickly and safely. While a docking unit with media transfer is available which feeds all energy and supply lines, reducing costs, storage and weight and enabling automation using a simple range of machinery.

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