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Roemheld rotor locking system secures wind turbine market

Roemheld rotor locking system secures wind turbine market
Wind turbine rotor lock from Roemheld

Roemheld offers a cost-effective modular rotor locking system designed to secure wind rotor turbines when maintenance and safety checks are being carried out.

The innovative Hilma rotor locking system is available for both onshore and offshore wind turbines with a rating of up to 6 MW. The elements within the system can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to +70 degrees centigrade. The rotor lock is based on standard modules, but can be customised according to customer specifications and even special designs are available quickly, and at affordable prices.

The core is a double-acting bolt, which can be moved either hydraulically or electromechanically with position control to serve as a closing mechanism. The Hilma rotor lock is available with a check valve option, with an additional mechanical lock or with adjustable position control. The rotor lock can also be supplied without housing and integral position control.

Hilma rotor locks from Roemheld are compact, require a low level of maintenance and are resistant to corrosion. The offshore versions have a special surface protection.

Bill Neal, Managing Director of Roemheld, said: “We offer customers involved with wind power plants a very broad product range. This comprises – amongst other items – elements of mechanical, electromechanical and hydraulic design which are available with optional additional mechanical safety locks to meet increased safety requirements.”

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