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Roemheld group showcases latest innovations at EMO

Roemheld group showcases latest innovations at EMO
Fully automatic handling for workpiece machining

The companies of the ROEMHELD Group will be exhibiting together at EMO to showcase a number of workholding innovations. Alongside innovative and modular automation solutions for workpiece machining from just a batch of one upwards, they will be exhibiting numerous innovations including a product line of oil-free electric clamping tools and a series of energy-efficient hydraulic power units with intelligent control and energy-saving intermittent cycling. Römheld GmbH, Hilma-Römheld GmbH and Stark GmbH will be exhibiting together on Stand E42,hall 4. The product range of the group of companies presented there comprises power workholding and change technology for workpieces, hydraulic elements and power units as well as components and systems for assembly and drive technology.

Innovative automation solutions for workpiece machining from lot size one:

As a comprehensive, flexible and versatile alternative to conventional pallet systems, the ROEMHELD Group presents its fully-automatic handling concept for workpiece machining from individual components to series production. Using proven automation modules as the basis of this new concept, workpieces of different dimensions and weights can be processed on up to six sides.
This future-proof system, that can be expanded at any time thanks to its modular design. It enables the general automation of all stages in the production process: from the loading of the workpiece to the clamping fixture and machining, up to unloading. Thus, the fully-automated machine time can be significantly prolonged. The changing of the component, the clamping fixtures and jaws is fully automated. Deburring, cleaning and stamping of the workpieces can also be integrated. This ROEMHELD automation solution is suitable for new equipment as well as for problem-free retrofitting of machines, since all necessary components such as controls, power units, clamping systems, grippers and robots are configured according to the customer's requirement and application. Guido Born, product manager for power workholding in Hilma-Roemheld GmbH, sees benefits for a wide range of companies - thanks to the prolonged fully-automated machine times and set-up times shortened by up to two-thirds: offering high saving potentials and short amortisation periods of a few months.

New product line electric power workholding: available without oil:

The new electric clamping elements from Römheld GmbH are intended for use on hydraulic-free machines, machining centres and working places, under clean room conditions and in the food industry. The product line consists of wedge clamps, swing clamps, zero point mounting systems, machine vices, block cylinders and work supports. All the systems are based on common basic modules and are equipped with the most modern gear motor technology. They offer the same equipment features as their hydraulic siblings – for example, position monitoring and control possibilities for clamping force and workpiece recognition – and they can also easily be integrated into existing machines and controls. In addition, they are extremely quiet and, without energy, supply intrinsically safe, so that they maintain the holding force even after separation from the power supply system.

New: Intelligent hydraulic power units to save energy:

The new series of ROEMHELD hydraulic power units is highly energy-efficient and user-friendly. It is equipped with an intelligent, low-current control and has, as a core element, a specially-configured electronic pressure switch developed by ROEMHELD. This pressure switch controls the motor during pressure build-up so that the required operating pressure is built up with minimized energy consumption. As soon as the target value is reached, the power unit switches to the energy-saving shut-down mode. The hydraulic pressure in the power unit with leakage-free poppet valves is obtained, even in case of a power failure.
The different models of the energy-efficient and compact power unit series are available with a large number of control variants and, thanks to their modular design, are suitable for all clamping requirements. They can be used for simple and double-acting cylinders and several, differently controllable and double-acting clamping circuits. By means of a Teach-in function, the desired operating pressure can be easily and continuously adjusted with repetitive precision at the electronic pressure switch and supervised at a digital display.

To find out more about Roemheld’s range of workholding solutions, visit www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.