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Roemheld launches electric swing clamp range

Roemheld launches electric swing clamp range
Electric swing clamp

Roemheld has just launched a new range of electric swing clamps that work without hydraulics. Only a 24V direct current is required, making these clamps ideal for applications where the use of hydraulic elements is not possible, where the clamping elements need to be controlled separately or where the clamping force must be obtained after separation from the energy supply.

The new electric swing clamps from Roemheld are individually controllable with electric position monitoring. The clamping force can also be monitored through error code output. The electric swing clamps offer a swing angle of up to 180 degrees and an adjustable clamping force of up to 7kN. They include a self locking spindle and mechanical reclamping through Belville springs. An effective wiper system ensures they are leakage and maintenance free.

The Roemheld electrically controlled swing clamps are driven by a brushless DC motor. The motor speed is transformed by means of a gear and a threaded spindle into the swing and stoke movement of the piston rod.

These elements have been developed for use in a wide variety of manufacturing applications within the food industry, packaging industry, clean room areas, test systems, assembly equipment and robotics and any automatic manufacturing systems.

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