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Roemheld solves problem of free form clamping


Roemheld has developed a new system that solves the challenges of clamping free form surfaces for industries such as Aerospace.

The FSS system (Flexible Clamping and Supporting Systems) from Roemheld enables the clamping and supporting of various workpieces with different free form surfaces.

At the core of the design of the Roemheld FSS clamping fixture is the use of Kostyrka UHF clamping and supporting elements. These can be used in any number to create the workpiece contact surface. Because each UHF element can be positioned individually on the relevant workpiece geometry, Roemheld FSS clamping fixtures allow for a flexible configuration of individual surfaces when clamping and supporting workpieces.

The Roemheld Kostyrka UHF clamping and support elements consist of a guided and axially adjustable piston rod that can be clamped into any position by using a Kostyrka clamping sleeve. This procedure, and the clamping of the piston rods, are both fully automated. A vacuum pad with internal ball location that provides a defined contact surface is used as an interface to the workpiece.

Depending on the workpiece surfaces and geometry, with the appropriate vacuum pads it is possible to obtain clamping forces (vacuum forces) of a minimum of 300N for each UHF element.

As well as having multiple applications within the Aerospace sector, this system can also be used across Automotive, Rail, Boat building and Space technologies.

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