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Roemheld launches new self-centring vice

Roemheld launches new self-centring vice
Roemheld self-centring vice

Roemheld has introduced a new self-centring vice to provide quick, simple fixturing for concentric machining of different sized workpieces.

This new Bock vice from Roemheld is compact and features an adjustable Gib design for increased accuracy. It is available with a Universal base that is easy to mount directly to machine tables.

The vice has a fully sealed, patented lead screw assembly which ensures long, maintenance free service and contains cleverly located openings that allow chips to flow out of the vice base. While hardened steel rails, ground within ±0.001” (0.025mm) provide precise location, resist wear and offer strong support to jaws.

The Roemheld self-centring vice has a maximum clamping force of 4600lbs (2000kgf) and offers repeatability of up to 0.0002" (0.005mm). It comes complete with aluminum soft jaws, which are fully machineable and reversible.

Roemheld has also introduced a new Hydraulic Vice Column with patented swivel coupling which prevents twisting of hoses and saves time and money.
In-house testing of the Bock Hydraulic Vice Column with swivel coupling achieved up to a 50 percent reduction in production time when compared to the manual version performing the same tooling operation. Proprietary features such as the patented swivel coupling save operator time by eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect the two hydraulic hoses as the column rotates. Each vice can be independently operated to quickly unload and load parts. In addition, the extremely compact rotary coupling does not interfere with tooling.
The use of hydraulics give this Bock vice from Roemheld a fast, repeatable action that ensures consistent clamping force, up to 4,700 lbs of clamping capacity, without the variability due to operator fatigue that can occur with manual vices. The operator simply opens the hydraulic valve to open the jaws to quickly unload and load parts.

To find out more about Roemheld’s range of workholding solutions, visit www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.