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Roemheld magnetic clamping blows hot and cold

Roemheld magnetic clamping blows hot and cold
Horizontal 3500 injection moulding machine, Plastic application

Roemheld has launched a new range of magnetic clamping plates for processing different plastics at different temperatures as well as introducing a magnetic clamping system especially designed for vertical presses.

Four new Hilma M-TECS clamping plates have been developed which are designed for working temperatures of up to 80°C, 120°C, 180°C or 230°C. This enables end users to select the technology most suitable to their application and the requirements of the materials being processed, whether they are thermoplastics, elastometers, thermosets or rubber.

In addition, Roemheld has introduced a new Hilma M-TECS magnetic clamping system specifically designed for vertical presses.

These new developments offer the end user access to this rapidly changing technology at an affordable price thanks to a high ROI. The key feature of all Hilma electromagnetic clamping elements is that all non-standard injection moulds can be changed rapidly and without problem. Because of the full-surface clamping force applied to the magnetic clamping plates, this technology ensures high process security, fewer rejects and reduced maintenance costs.

The control system for the magnetic clamping plates also been revised in line with the 2006/42/CE directive. With a performance level adapted to the machine or press, the new control system helps increase safety of operation.

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