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Try before you buy to reduce raw material costs and distortion

Try before you buy to reduce raw material costs and distortion
Hilma 5-axis vice combined with Zero point table

Roemheld’s ‘Try before you Buy’ initiative is enabling end users in a wide range of sectors, including Aerospace, F1, Medical and Automotive, to test the benefits of its innovative 5-Axis vice technology. It offers companies the opportunity to investigate directly the advantages they will gain from using Roemheld advanced 5-Axis vices, before committing to an investment.

The majority of applications utilising Roemheld 5-Axis vice and jaw technology are already safely gripping on 3mm. This has resulted in many operators and production engineers having to re-think how they machine components for optimum productivity. In some instances, being able to grip on 3mm has resulted in a saving of up to 30% on raw material per component.

End users are also finding that the Roemheld 5-Axis vice range offers greater control over distortion of components due to repeatable clamping forces. In addition, the Roemheld vices enable the optimum positioning of components on 5-Axis tables to enable standard length spindle tooling to be used.

Programmers also have the ability to simulate the machining process thanks to the availability of Step files and or CAD files for every vice and jaw within the Roemheld 5-Axis range. This not only makes life much easier but reduces costs even further as potential collision paths can be programmed out prior to machining taking place.

Bill Neal, Managing Director of Roemheld, said: “We understand that end users have choices and they must be comfortable and confident with the investment they are seeking to make when purchasing 5-Axis machines and workholding. Therefore, by offering the option of ‘try before you buy’, we are allowing that confidence to grow as operators and programmers have the time to ensure that any investment made by their companies has been well researched and investigated prior to parting with any money.”

Contact Roemheld now for your opportunity to take up the ‘Try before you buy’ offer. To find out more visit www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.