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Roemheld demonstrates latest die change technology at Euroblech

Roemheld demonstrates latest die change technology at Euroblech

At the Euroblech 2010 exhibition, Roemheld will be demonstrating the latest Hilma developments in rapid die change with maximum clamping forces for die clamping and workholding.

In addition to special clamping elements for large-volume, heavy-component dies and workpieces, for the first time, Roemheld will also exhibit new types of grip rail couplings.

On display will be a range of special mechanical, hydraulic or electro-mechanically operated standard-type wedge clamps, sliding clamps and hollow piston cylinders. These have been designed for the positioning and clamping of large-volume and heavy dies or workpieces that place high demands on clamping forces and positioning accuracy. These clamping systems were initially designed for clamping the rotor blades, gearboxes and nacelles of wind turbines and can achieve clamping forces up to 1250 kN for each clamping point. They comply with the strictest safety requirements and can be easily retrofitted, allowing for ergonomic working conditions and rapid changing, positioning and clamping of very heavy and large-volume dies or workpieces.

Roemheld will also be launching new products in its Hilma range of couplings for automatic centering, positioning and clamping of grip rails on transfer presses. The new type of grip rail coupling features integral autocontrol which can be easily adapted to a bus system to monitor the positioning and clamping process. The rapid clamping system can be easily retrofitted to existing presses and couples in a few seconds with a positioning accuracy of 0.02 millimeters.
Also on display will be Roemheld’s recently launched modular rotor locking system for revision and maintenance work on onshore and offshore wind turbine. It has a capacity of up to 6 megawatts and the elements are based on a double-acting bolt with position control, which locks the rotor. It is available with a check valve, an additional mechanical lock or an adjustable position control and is suitable for temperatures of between -30°C and +70°C.
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