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Roemheld launches space saving threaded body work supports

Roemheld launches space saving threaded body work supports
Roemheld hydraulic work support

Roemheld’s new generation of threaded body work supports offer a space saving solution designed to resist the wear and corrosion that is a typical problem caused by swarf or aggressive coolant penetration in today’s manufacturing environments.

With a metallic wiper edge and interior parts made from stainless steel, the new hydraulic work supports are suitable for use a load force up to 4kN, are well sealed against penetrating fluids and are extremely resistant to corrosion.

The threaded-body design saves space and prevents the vibration or deflection of workpieces. An optional sharp-edged orifice enables the flexible control and limitation of hydraulic fluids to improve operating safety.

The single-acting work support, whose contact force is minimised by a spring or which can be pneumatically adjusted, is designed to be easily combined with other clamping elements.

A maximum operating pressure of 500 bar and stroke of up to 15mm makes the threaded body work support suitable for a wide range of applications in fixture building and power workholding.

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