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Roemheld pocketing 5-axis reliability

Roemheld pocketing 5-axis reliability
Gripping on 3mm in action

When looking to pocket out components, the ability to clamp and position a workpiece rigidly and accurately is paramount to production engineers. Hilma 5-axis vice systems can hold rigidly and safely on just 3mm while performing to tight tolerances and high repeatability. The capability to grip safely on just millimetres has amazed has production engineers and operators alike within the industry. It has enabled them to take more time out of the production cycle by increasing speeds and feeds while remaining confident that the component will not move during heavy metal removal.

The unique design of the Hilma 5-Axis vice jaws, which incorporate a dovetailed, scalloped effect, produces a down thrust of the component whilst biting in to its surface for improved rigidity. This enables the vices to hold very heavy billets, very safely: significantly reducing material wastage and saving companies hundreds of pounds in raw material costs. In some instances, this saving has been as much as £600 per billet of titanium. When multiplied over the number of components produced in a year, this has had a dramatic effect on the total purchase price of raw materials.

When the raw materials’ savings are combined with the reduction in handling time and reduced cycle times offered by the Roemheld vices, they are proving a very cost-effective solution for sub-contractors and end users throughout the Aerospace industry. Hilma vices are strong enough to cope with the most demanding 5-Axis work and are extremely durable as the lead screw is completely sealed, leaving no room for swarf to get in.

Bill Neal said: “Roemheld specialises in delivering flexible, cost effective, workholding solutions to companies throughout the Aerospace sector. Helping our UK Aerospace industry to become more competitive is vital for our manufacturing base and will inevitably result in us winning more contracts in times to come. To this end, Roemheld has signed up to the 21st Century Supply Chains accreditation (SC21) change programme.”