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Handle loads more safely with Roemheld

Handle loads more safely with Roemheld

A new range of assembly and handling equipment has been launched by Roemheld. Ergonomically designed, the Roemheld Modulog range enables the safe and efficient handling and movement of heavy loads by operators.

Not only does the Roemheld Modulog system meet stringent health and safety requirements, it also reduces the physical load and tiredness of operators. This results in improved operator efficiency and motivation and reduces downtime and risk of accidents. In addition, the assembly processes and materials handling operations also become safer and more efficient which improves the quality of the products and production throughput.

The modular design ensures flexibility of application as it can be easily and cost effectively retrofitted to existing projects and then adapted to future needs. Modules for horizontal and vertical rotating, tilting and lifting of workpieces are available. The range also includes cart and floor modules for easy transporting and installation of the units.

To find out more visit www.roemheld.co.uk and download the new Roemheld Modulog catalogue or telephone 01462 459052.