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New Roemheld 5-axis vice models step up production

New Roemheld 5-axis vice models step up production
Model of the MC 60 Vice with vee jaws

Due to end user demand, Roemheld has just released its range of vice systems and jaws for 5-Axis applications as 3D models in a step file format.

This innovation will allow production engineers, operators and designers the facility to upload a vice, complete with jaws, as a model into a 3D programme. They can then simulate cutting operations to identify any collision points that may appear in the programme, enabling any potential problems to be re-programmed out before costly collisions occur. Including these workholding solutions at the programming stage should also help free up additional production time on the shop floor.

Roemheld is finding that 5-Axis applications are in increasing demand as more and more end users take advantage of new and existing 5-Axis machines. Hilma 5-Axis vices are supplied by Roemheld in versatile jaw widths ranging from 40mm up to 125mm. As the vices can safely hold on just 3mm of raw material, they can save up to 30% of raw material costs per billet.

The Roemheld modelling step files are available by filling in a request form at www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.