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Autosport definitely not a waste for Roemheld

Autosport definitely not a waste for Roemheld
Five axis vices on Zero point system

The key theme of reducing raw material wastage attracted a lot of interest at the Roemheld UK stand at Autosport 2009.

Over the two trade days, Roemheld recorded tremendous interest in its 5-Axis vices and jaw systems. Visitors were particularly interested in the Special grip jaws which securely clamp billets in position for machining, on only 3mm of raw material. This not only provides a safe and secure method of clamping, but offers potential for raw material savings which can sometimes be in excess of 30%.

Bill Neal, Managing Director of Roemheld UK, said: “As end users move towards more unusual and expensive raw materials, cost savings of this magnitude can be vital for staying competitive in today’s uncertain economic climate.”

The ability to achieve 5-sided machining of cylinder heads, in a single set up, also proved a draw to the stand. Visitors were able to see how this could be achieved by using Zero point systems as a clamping, holding and positioning device all at the same time. This solution offered the benefit of reducing handling time but also the opportunity to significantly reduce general workholding costs and increase production throughput due to smaller batch sizes going through the workshop, without generating a bottleneck situation.