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Electro Mechanical clamping elements (Industry 4.0)Electro Mechanical clamping elements (Industry 4.0)Electro Mechanical clamping elements (Industry 4.0)Electro Mechanical clamping elements (Industry 4.0)

Roemheld is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology with the development of a wide range of electro-mechanical clamping elements that offer the innovation demanded by Inudstry 4.0.

The Roemheld range of E-TEC range of compact electrical clamping elements offers ends users a high quality alternative to hydraulic clamping. The range consists of wedge clamps, swing clamps, zero point clamping systems, machine vices and work supports. All offer position monitoring, clamping force monitoring and workpiece recognition. The swing clamping elements can also be integrated with PLC controls in networks and can be used within production as per Industry 4.0.

Maximum operational reliability is guaranteed as a result of mechanical self-locking, making these components ideal for applications where a hydraulic system cannot be used. All elements are suitable for retrofit and for installation in original equipment. Shorter downtimes are achieved by minimising set-up times and more effective machine uptimes.  As a manufacturer, we are constantly striving to futureproof our own production processes through the development of elements that will satisfy Industry 4.0 and beyond.

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