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New compact 5-axis vice from Roemheld


Roemheld has just launched a new 5-Axis vice designed to complete its range of 5-axis clamping components.  The new, mechanically operated MC125 series combines a compact design with large clamping strokes making it ideal for use in 5-Axis clamping applications.  

The compact design of the MC125 benefits from a sturdy hardened steel base and the adjusting spindle being arranged in the upper part of the housing.  This ensures that a high rigidity of the workholding system is maintained resulting in high precision and accuracy of the manufactured components.

The compact design allows excellent accessibility of tools to the workpiece.  Collision-free tool paths and 5-sided workpiece machining can be achieved with short, standard tools.  There are three versions of the MC125 available for maximum flexibility alongside an extensive range of jaws.

With a jaw width of 125mm, a clamping force of 35kN and a clamping stroke of 100mm, the MC125 series offers concentric clamping that is ideal for use with 5-Axis machining centres.  In addition, this 5-Axis vice is also compatible with zero point mounting systems as there are three location threads for draw-in nipples on the bottom of the housing.