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Roemheld pumps in energy efficiency


Roemheld has launched an energy-efficient hydraulic power unit with a predictive pressure cut-off switch.

Unlike traditional, continuous pumps, the motor of this energy-efficient hydraulic system only uses electricity to run the clamps in and out and to build up the operating pressure. It quickly identifies when this is achieved and switches off at the relevant time via a patented intelligent pressure switch designed by Roemheld.

A wide range of models with optimised flow rates and pressures are available. By using pump combinations, which drive the asynchronous motor within the efficient nominal load range wherever possible, high pressures and speeds can be achieved with a low motor output. This is particularly effective when combined with the poppet valve technology and predictive cut-off technology.

The benefits of the new Roemheld energy-efficient power units include high levels of efficiency, durability and reliability due to reduced wear on components through running at a low motor output. The careful tuning of the pump technology and the maximum and optimum speeds also ensure that the clamping times are reduced.

To find out more about Roemheld’s full range of hydraulic workholding solutions, go to www.roemheld.co.uk or telephone 01462 459052.