120 different bike models are assembled at ROSE Bikes using an ROEMHELD assembly cart

For Ergonomic and Efficient Bicycle Assembly

How do you assemble 120 different bicycle and e-bike models weighing between 5 and 28 kg quickly and ergonomically? At ROSE Bikes in Bocholt the production is organised as a flow production with flexible assembly carts from ROEMHELD. They are the result of a joint development project. The variable assembly lines are highly productive and ergonomic; with a pleasant and stress-free working atmosphere, the bicycle manufacturer also attracts new employees.

New employees are hard to find in Bocholt the company headquarters and the only production site of ROSE Bikes, a few kilometres from the Dutch border. Because of its continuing corporate growth, the bicycle manufacturer needs new bicycle mechanics more urgently than ever.

Attractive contract conditions are part of the job offer: Production takes place in a family-friendly single-shift operation with flexible working hours, work is done in the bright and friendly assembly hall that was newly occupied in 2020, and the employees can help themselves with the strawberry and tomato plants on the company premises. The salary structure is transparent, and training and acquiring additional qualifications are strongly encouraged.

Furthermore, the bicycle manufacturer offers pleasant working conditions: Instead of producing on a conveyor belt, as is the case with other bicycle manufacturers, ROSE manufactures flexibly in six assembly lines. There, the employees take turns at different stations. “The conveyor belt is far too inflexible and means stress for the employees”, explains Stefan Strauss, production manager at ROSE Bikes. The flow production is more human, and it is also easier to train lateral entrants. “We don’t have anyone standing with a stopwatch,” he emphasises, “work should be fun.”

Strauss, a trained bicycle mechanic, had remained loyal to ROSE Bikes since 1983 when he began his apprenticeship. Today he is responsible for 80 employees, 70 of whom work in production. The company, with 480 employees, designs and manufactures mainly sporty bikes. Its wide range of products extends from simple mountain bikes for just under 800 € to high-end road bikes with carbon frames in the price range of over 8,000 €. Apart from the numerous e-bike models, the strongest demand is currently for muscle-powered gravel bikes.